What’s Next?

2012 was a great year for this blog! This time last year, I launched the Bible in a Year journey and for 365 days blogged my questions, thoughts and occasional insights as I read through the Bible. Over 180,000 words later, that journey is complete and yet, there is always something beyond the horizon. So, what’s next for this blog? What’s next for me? What is the plan for 2013?

Keep On Reading

First, I plan to keep on reading. As I mentioned in my last BIAY post, I am on an interesting trajectory in my Bible reading. First, I read through the Bible in 90 days, then the New Testament in 30 days, then the Bible in a Year with blog writing. For 2013, I’m slowing down even more. This year’s reading plan will be devoted entirely to the New Testament. Reading about a chapter a day (sometimes more, sometimes less) I will spend more time in prayer and contemplation about the words I’m reading. I will seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit, fresh insights from the words I read and I’m sure I’ll get plenty of reminders about things I already know.

This year’s reading plan will be much more personal than last year’s. I won’t be blogging my journey or asking others to join me (although you may, of course, if you want). This year is going to be more about spending time with the Scripture and the God of the Scripture – slowing my pace enough to allow more room for the Holy Spirit to speak through the life found in those words.

So, I’ll keep on reading and I want to encourage you to keep on reading, too!

Keep On Blogging…Differently

One thing I learned very quickly on my BIAY journey is that when you’re blogging 500ish words every single day, there is little time or brain space left to blog about anything else. At least, that was the case for me. Over the course of 2012, there were so many thoughts and ideas that I had, so many things I wanted to say, but at the end of the day, my brain and fingers could never seem to connect to get it in writing.

This year will be different. I still plan to blog regularly, but not every single day and not always about the Bible or even about “spiritual stuff” (although my thoughts regularly come back to spiritual matters). I will blog about current events, about my life, about random stuff on my mind and, yes, sometimes I’ll probably blog about something I read in the Bible. If you want to know what I’m writing about, I guess you’ll just have to keep coming back!

A New Feature

One thing I have committed myself to this year (I really can’t help it) is a new feature on the blog that I’m calling “TED Talk Tuesday.” For those who aren’t familiar with TED Talks, you can visit TED.com for more info, but basically, these are short talks from some of the brightest, most innovative and/or most interesting people in the world. The topics they cover span a wide range of issues and disciplines, but they are almost always challenging. They challenge the things we do, the ways we think and the way we think about the things we do.

These talks are always challenging and inspiring for me and I think they might be for you, too. So, each Tuesday, I will feature one TED Talk video and make some comments about it. My hope is that you will get as much out of these talks as I do.

A Great Year

Honestly, I don’t really know what 2013 holds for me or for this blog, but I can say this: It won’t be boring. It won’t be dull. I’ll write things you agree with and things you disagree with. I’ll write about things you find interesting and things you don’t. There will be big announcements (trust me on this) and stories of the mundane. But whatever happens, it will be a great year.