First Day Back

The first day back is a momentous occasion. It’s a time when we reflect on our break, reminisce on our past engagement, and often apologize for our absence. Whether it’s coming back to work after a much-deserved vacation, returning to church after football season (come on), or jumping back onto your blog after a year (*raises hand), the first day back offers both a fresh start and a reminder that there is no such thing.

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TED Talk Tuesday: Lessons in Business…From Prison

Today, we have a very short, but interesting talk from a former “rising star” in the Missouri Senate who found himself behind bars with plenty of time to contemplate his future. As I listened to his talk, I was struck by the fact that each person is created in God’s image and that we all have incredible potential hard-wired into us. The difference between us, so often, comes down to the opportunities we’ve had in life. The family we are born into, the circumstances of our life, the education we have access to and the chance encounters that we have along the way all play a factor into whether we end up in the penthouse, the big house or some house in-between.

Jeff Smith’s challenge is simple. Let’s work together to ensure that others get to have some of the same opportunities that we’ve had, in business and in life, and we might just see some of their potential begin to bear fruit.

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