A Note from the Patio…in Kenya

brown's patioAs I sit here on what I would call my first “real” morning in Kenya (I don’t include the jet-lagged, neverending day that began in Houston on Tuesday and ended here last night), one thought comes flooding to my mind: I love this place. And no, I don’t mean I love it because I’m in the affluent Karen neighborhood, sitting on the Brown’s back patio, drinking Ethiopian coffee and listening to the birds chirp. I do love all those things and readily admit that, other than the birds, this particular pocket of Nairobi is very different from the rest of Kenya. But I love it all (almost)!

Sure, there are things that aren’t desirable – the poverty, crime, brokenness and hopelessness – but this country, it’s diverse population, varied landscapes, cultural distinctives and colorful characters is a place where God’s kingdom is on display and where his creativity is evident every day. I am fortunate to have experienced this land even once in my life, let alone to have come on multiple trips and now to be in preparations for making Kenya our home.

Over the next week, I’ll have numerous conversations with some true heroes – people who are making a difference here on micro and macro levels. Some have even agreed to sit down in front of the camera and talk about their life, their work and their experience. These are people who have the power of the Holy Spirit dwelling within them, revealing himself in miraculous, creative, powerful ways. That I can call so many of them friends is nothing short of amazing.

So yeah, as I sit here drinking my coffee on a somewhat chilly Kenyan morning, I’m reminded just how much I love this place, how much I love God’s calling in our lives and how I can’t wait to see what the next decade holds for all of us.